Ground to Ground

Extension is pleased to introduce Ground to Ground, a program developed in first-time partnership with Compost Coalition.  Ground to Ground is a city-wide campaign that diverts nutrient-rich coffee grounds from landfills and puts it back to work in our yards, farms, and gardens. Goals of the program are to reduce waste, build our soil, and strengthen local business.

Go to to learn more about the program, the benefits of coffee grounds for your garden, our partnership with Compost Coalition, and look at the G2G participant map.  Also, take a peek at the business brochure – it outlines our pitch to coffee shops when we recruit them.

Many of you already pick up grounds at your neighborhood coffee shop/Starbucks, and your plants love you for it!  We are working to formalize and expand these partnerships under the Ground to Ground umbrella, and encourage public participation through educational outreach. For businesses, we supply G2G buckets for offering spent grounds, start-up support, publicity through our website and online map, and promotional materials (window decal, brochures, and info about composting grounds for customers).

Are you interested in learning more? Is there a coffee shop that you would like to see participating? If you’d like to chip in your two cents worth, suggest coffee shops from which you already pick up grounds, and/or be active in growing this program, let us know!